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Let’s Have A Small & Intimate Wedding!

Spend tens of thousands for one day and have the guests forget about the effort the stress the time and the intense pressure you have worked under to provide them with copious dollops of food and booze?

The idea of having to trim down, starve in some cases, to fit a dress that will hang in the wardrobe for ever after and only be appreciated by a small few is becoming quite the thing not to do for many brides to be.

Sense and affordability are blossoming.

In the current economic times (an over- used phrase but true) a smaller more intimate wedding is delivering to people a real day of celebration. A range of budgets with a smaller wedding is to be expected.

Wedding Venues for a smaller group can be very user friendly and have that warm welcome attached.

Many brides and their grooms are experiencing the perfect day with a small gathering of selected friends and even more selected family to witness them swearing allegiance to each other and the joint toasting with delicious wines and engagement in sincere best wishes over exquisite canapés all helps to extend memories of a perfect day.

Sharing a small intimate wedding with the carefully chosen few guarantees the Bride and Groom do not miss out on any of the fun being had by their guests as photos are taken. Guests normally become involved in that is more casual, open and relaxed. People laugh. They chat not whisper. They enjoy the experience with them.

A package with a small wedding will lessen the stress even more so.

All a Groom needs to do is get his ‘dress’ together, his ring (or not ) and be there. The Bride simply needs her dress. The Celebrant/ Hair/Make up/ Flowers / Cake / Catering / Photos...and the list can go all arranged . No stress. No co-ordinating. Just turn up. With the license.

They can truly relax with their friends and family.

Keep it simple and elegant and it is a sure recipe for a perfect day.

(Source: The Light House Lookout)