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Launched in 2019, My Celebrant Guide is owned and operated by Niche Directories Ltd based in Cambridge in New Zealand. Niche Directories also owns and operates My Wedding Guide.

The aim of our website directories is to provide a place where people can easily find what they want. We do this by being at the top of Google search results for relevant keywords, being active and engaging on social media and by providing relevant and useful information. This gives vendors listed in our directories exposure to large and highly targeted online audiences that are actively searching for services in that market segment.

My Celebrant Guide not only looks great but has great functionality and usability meaning it attracts and retains visitors that are actively in the market for wedding services. Website visitors have access to NZ’s most comprehensive celebrant directory as well as access to useful articles with helpful information and advice written by experts in their industries

My Celebrant Guide is owned and operated in New Zealand