You've got an upcoming baby naming ceremony to plan for, and one of the jobs on your list is to create and send invitations to your guests. Well, you're in luck. We've put together a list of five of the cutest invitations we've ever seen to get your creative juices flowing.

5 Adorable Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation Ideas

A picture says a thousand words, so imagine what a cute naming ceremony invitation could say? We've put together five of the cutest invitation ideas to help get your creativity moving.

Photo invitations
You're bound to have taken about a million photos of your new arrival, so why not share some with your guests? Give them a sneak peek of just how adorable they are by using a photo of your baby on the cover of the invitation. It could easily become a special keepsake of the big day too.

Video invitations
Put together a short video clip inviting guests to attend the ceremony. If you are camera shy, make your child the star and simply be the voice over for it.

Art inspired invitations
Depending on the age and stage of your baby, include them in the designing part of the invitation. This could simply be letting them explore with paint on a large piece of paper, which you then cut up into individual invitations. Or you could ink the soles of their feet and add a footprint to decorate the invitations with.

Shaped invitations
Instead of a rectangular shaped invitation, use a cot, carriage, balloon or even a onesie shape! They are more likely to remain stuck to the fridge and be seen, rather than remain in the pile of snail mail.

Jigsaw puzzles
Okay, it’s an incredibly novel idea, but why not send guests a jigsaw puzzle to put together? Each piece could contain detail about the ceremony or even a photo of bubs.

Remember to include details about the date, time, venue and what to do about gifts within the invitation. It may even be nice to include the naming ceremony celebrant’s details too. If you have yet to arrange a celebrant, we invite you to take a look through our celebrant directory to choose one which is right for you and your family.