Having a baby is exciting and we're not wanting to cramp your style in choosing your baby’s names. However, there are some baby naming superstitions we thought we'd share with you; not that we're superstitious or anything ... but rather, just in case.

Around the world, different cultures and religions have varying beliefs about naming a child. As NZ grows into a more multicultural society, we're excited that these are becoming more commonplace. As such, we're sharing four of the most common baby-naming superstitions and look forward to learning many more as our country grows!

Four common baby-naming superstitions

Regardless of whether you believe in superstitions or not, learning about them can be kind of fun. Here are four baby-naming superstitions which you may (or may not) want to consider:

  1. If you give your child a name before they are born, it is rumoured to bring bad luck. This superstition is based off many cultures having naming ceremonies or christenings that are held after a baby has been born, many which require the name to be withheld from being used until then. It is also a great way to give your baby a name after you’ve made a physical connection.
  2. Avoid naming your child after a living person. It is believed that if you do, the child will take on the life of the other person and that the older person will die soon after birth.
  3. Ask permission before naming a baby after a relative. This is to avoid dishonouring a family member, which brings bad luck. If the family member is deceased, then you must ask their next of kin. This superstition is derived from cultures where the elderly people are the wisest and respected. To ask permission shows respect for their life and their status in a family.
  4. Check what your chosen name means. Quite often, different cultures place-unique meanings on the name. A wrong choice can cause tension amongst the family, especially if different cultures are involved.

Whether you believe in baby naming superstitions or not, choosing your baby’s name is an important decision. The best way to name your child is whatever feels natural to you. If naming your baby based on superstition makes you feel more in touch with yourself, then do that. If naming your child based on your religious beliefs or cultural traditions feels natural, then do that. Naming your child should be intimate and based on you both – have fun!

If you have chosen a naming ceremony, we suggest using our celebrant directory to choose one for your baby’s special day.