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What is a Funeral Order of Service?

After the heavy amount of grief you’ve just been handed, reading a bunch of information about what a funeral order of service is and what it contains is not a top priority. It’s never easy dealing with grief over losing a loved one on top of having to find all these answers.

To lighten your load, we have condensed down all the information we have found to provide you with a simple list on a funeral order of service,

Looking at a Funeral Order of Service

A funeral order-of-service is the order of events during the funeral service. It is presented to all those in attendance through the form of a booklet personalised to the event and the person whose life you’re celebrating. It can be a daunting and rather sad task figuring out what should be included and how to arrange the funeral order of service. That’s where we come in, to make this time a little easier for you.

Here is the list we have curated for a traditional order of service:

  1. Entry Music
  2. Introduction/Welcome
  3. Prayer
  4. Scripture Reading
  5. Music Selection/Hymn
  6. Obituary Reading
  7. Family and Close Friend Eulogies/Life Tributes
  8. Moment of Silence
  9. Informal tributes from attendees
  10. Thank you and Acknowledgements
  11. Viewing of the loved one

Your order of service can include as many or as little of these options above. A funeral should be thought of a celebration of your loved one’s life with as little restrictions as possible. Don’t forget to personalise each option to fit the person whose life you are celebrating. Add pictures, their favourite songs, comedy or stories that encapsulate all that they meant to you and those in attendance.

Creating an Order of Service Booklet

Now that you know what an order-of-service contains, if you’re looking for a way to make the booklet more personalised there are free websites online that help you customise your order of service. Otherwise, if you’re using a funeral celebrant or director, they will likely create it for you.

Just remember there are no right or wrong ways to write an order of service. It is simply a way to celebrate your loved one, their life and send them off in a way that befits their personality and the legacy they leave behind.

We recommend using the services of one of our funeral celebrants who can help you create a beautiful funeral order of service and ceremony for your loved one.