Is eloping right for you? Or would a large ceremony and reception suit you best? We take a look at the pros and cons of eloping to help you decide about your upcoming wedding.

What Are the Pros of Eloping?

Eloping is a great choice for some, offering plenty of positives, including:

  • Can get married and have your honeymoon all in the same place.
  • It costs a lot less than a traditional wedding as your not paying for all your friends and family.
  • It can be a lot more romantic and intimate as you and your fiancée have more alone time with just the two of you.
  • Avoid awkward family moments between in-laws and relatives.
  • Only have the people there that you really want.
  • Takes less time to plan and is less stressful.
  • Can spend more on you and your fiancée.
  • Focus on the love between you and your fiancée, not the gifts you get.
  • Don’t have to tell anyone until you are back.
  • There are no rules you must follow. You are free to do things your way.
  • Gives you the freedom to have a wedding the wedding your way, not what your parents or other family members want.
  • Greater flexibility to have it the time of year that you want it to be.
  • Can have a very selective guest list. Maybe you only want your very best friends, or your parents to join you on your elopement.
  • Can have your ceremony anywhere you can afford to go to.

What Are the Cons of Eloping?

Just like everything in life, there are some disadvantages towards eloping too, including:

  • Missed opportunities to reconnect with all your friends and family you haven’t seen in a long time.
  • Fear of missing out and having regrets that you did not share the special day with your family and friends.
  • Some of your friends and family will be upset and disappointed that they were not invited to be a part of your special day.
  • Won’t get the wedding photos of all your friends and family having a good time at your wedding.
  • Need to solely rely on the photographer to capture all the special moments, not your guests.

As you make the decision to elope or not, remember that your wedding day is about you and your fiancee! Make the choice that will make you happy, both now and in the future.