Ross Scott | AMO Celebrancy

The journey to marriage is wonderful and filled with changing and deepening emotions. The decision to express your relationship with marriage is significant and important.

Weddings are all different

Each couple has their own story of how they have come to the place of engagement and marriage. So your service needs to be a reflection of you, your values, your beliefs, your hopes, your dreams, and your heritage.

So how does that happen?

To plan the service we will need to meet, take time for you to tell your stories, perhaps share a coffee and talk about your values and your choice to get married at this time. We will talk about your dreams. We will talk about your ideas for the service. I will want to know about the venue, the size, and the significant people coming.

We will talk about vows and rings. Do you want a givingaway, a family blessing? And I am sure you will have questions to ask me.

I will go away and weave a service around you as a couple. I will draw on your values, your story, your backgrounds, your ideas, and your dreams. I will keep in mind the venue and those coming. In the end, I will have created an original, one-off service for you, about you, and in keeping with what you want.

Into that, you will supply me with your vows and the words to say around the rings (or we can work them out together or with you individually).

About two weeks before the service I like to talk to you about the final arrangements and to go over the service. We will discuss things like when you plan to arrive and how you want to make your entry.

What do you need to do?

Write your vows and the words to say at the giving of the rings (I can help if you like). Arrange for a marriage license from the Department of Internal Affairs. This can take up to a week. You need to get it to me at least by the morning of the service so I can fill in the certificates.

On the day

  • I will be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the service.
  • I will meet with you as you arrive (if appropriate).
  • I will conduct the service.
  • I will normally leave about 30 minutes after the service unless you require me later in the day.

Please don’t forget to mention that you found us via My Celebrant Guide.